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Giant Floor Map

The Giant Floor Map Kit includes a two-layered map of the United States, as well as a book of hands-on activities, lesson plans and 50 state foam puzzle pieces. 

E-mail SSNOLA1803@gmail.com to reserve.


Engage students by making review games fun and interactive.

E-mail SSNOLA1803@gmail.com to reserve.

Thought Bubble Dry Erase Boards

Reserve a classroom set of thought bubble dry erase boards to keep kids engaged in your lesson.  Students can write their own thoughts, or the thoughts of historical figures.  There are lots of possibilities with these boards.

E-mail SSNOLA1803@gmail.com to reserve.

Inflatable World Globes

Show your students that the world is not flat with a class set of world globes. These are a great visual aid for geography activities and world events.

E-mail SSNOLA1803@gmail.com to reserve a class set.

Classroom Election Kit

Give students hands-on experience with voting.  This election activity kit includes a book with information, activities and reproducible resources to help you teach kids how elections work. You can also hold your own classroom election—complete with a ballot box, registration cards, voting badges and a banner.

E-mail SSNOLA1803@gmail.com to reserve.

Court Case or Debate

If you are holding a court case or a debate in your classroom, borrow our table top podiums, judge's robe, and gavel.

E-mail SSNOLA1803@gmail.com to reserve.

Desk Maps

These desk maps are two-sided: US on one side and World on the other side.  They are also laminated so that you can write on them with dry erase markers.  E-mail SSNOLA1803@gmail.com to reserve a class set.